Business Intelligence


It is never just business


…but it is always personal


Competitors profiling:

  • Competitors profiling can reveal strategic weaknesses in rivals that should be exploited.
    Superior knowledge of rivals offers a legitimate source of competitive advantage.
  • The proactive stance of competitor profiling allows the firm to anticipate the strategic response of their rivals.
  • Proactive knowledge will give the firms strategic agility.

Effective Media Relations

  • Full exploitation of our team’s ability to positively intervene in the Media Process
    Wide network of journalists, reporters and consultants who are provided with constant analysis and information by our analysts.

Stakeholders power mapping:

  • Identification of the stakeholders. Description of their power, political ties and influence.

Political Lobbying:

  • Representing our clients’ interests on the highest political level.
  • Combining legal expertise with lobbying knowledge.